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Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2 is a game that lives up to its name. While the game remains playable players are forced to ask themselves if it really is possible to beat the game. If it is possible players have to begin thinking outside of the realm in which they normally stay in order to master the Impossible Game 2 and gain a prideful victory.

Beating the Impossible 2

The computer game has a simple and subtle design but will test the skills of even the most advanced video game players. Impossible Game 2 has a smooth layout and it is easy to know exactly what the game instructions are. For those who might have a hard time understanding just what each level is asking them to do, the names of each level should help them figure it out. For example: Level 1 of the game, “Spikes Hurt” has the player starting off on one ledge and the goal is to get to the yellow door on another ledge on the other side of the screen. The player has to time their jump just right to avoid the bed of spikes that is waiting at the bottom of the screen. If the player is not lucky enough or skilled enough to make it across the ledge their playing piece falls into the bed of spikes and the player has to start over. For another example one can look at Level 6 of the game, “I Hate Spinning”. The playing piece starts off on a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen. The player has to navigate between the two spinning windmills to make it to the yellow door. Timing is everything and the smallest mistake will send a player into the spikes.

Impossible game conclusion

After playing the first few levels of the game it wouldn’t be surprising if players end up pulling their hair out at the sheer impossibility of completing this game. The Final Level of this game includes a shaking screen, flashing colors, and obstacles that will ensure that beating this game is ultimately impossible.